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Corporate PACs Fail to Disclose Cash Behind Attacks in Primary Races

With less than a week left before the primary, two groups boosting moderate Democratic candidates for the state legislature have not submitted disclosures required by campaign finance law.

Sam Mellins   ·   June 22, 2022
How Lobbyists Killed a Bill to Protect New York Elections, With An Assist from the NAACP

New York elections could soon be more vulnerable to hacks, after lobbyists, the NAACP, and the Assembly elections committee chair teamed up to kill an election security bill.

Sam Mellins   ·   June 16, 2022
Nursing Home Industry Cozies Up to Hochul, Disclosures Reveal

After New York Focus revealed that Hochul had failed to disclose the individuals behind corporate donations to her campaign, she provided that information for recent donors — revealing major support from a nursing home industry powerhouse.

Sam Mellins   ·   June 7, 2022
This Is Not The First Time Maloney Has Snubbed His Party, Local Democrats Recall

Maloney’s announcement that he will exit his old district for a slightly safer seat alarmed Democrats—and rang a familiar bell back home.

Lee Harris   ·   June 3, 2022
Corporate Campaign Donors Identify Themselves Following New York Focus Reporting

After New York Focus reported that the elections board wasn’t enforcing a landmark transparency law, it sent delinquent donors a letter requesting that they comply. Thousands did within weeks.

Sam Mellins   ·   May 11, 2022
An Upper East Side Assembly Candidate Accepted Over $10,000 in Illegal Corporate Cash

After New York Focus reported on illegal contributions to candidate Russell Squire, his campaign announced it would return the money.

Sam Mellins   ·   April 25, 2022
Judge Rules New York’s District Maps Unconstitutional, Orders Legislature to Draw New Ones

Democrats immediately said they would appeal the decision.

Vaughn Golden   ·   April 1, 2022
Republicans Take Democrats to Court Over Allegedly Gerrymandered Map

A group of 14 citizens, organized by Republican politicians, argue that the new district maps approved by the state legislature and Gov. Hochul violate the state constitution.

Vaughn Golden   ·   March 18, 2022
State Board of Elections Begins Enforcing Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws

The move comes after New York Focus reported on widespread violations of campaign finance law and the Board’s lack of enforcement.

Sam Mellins   ·   March 11, 2022
Hochul Campaign Donors Blow Past Corporate Contribution Limits

Circumventing a law designed to close the so-called LLC loophole, donors to campaigns across the state are using multiple companies to give far over the $5,000 cap.

Sam Mellins   ·   March 2, 2022
More Than Three Thousand Campaigns Violated Campaign Finance Law. The State Board of Elections Brought Enforcement Actions Against Zero.

Since taking office last July, enforcement counsel Michael Johnson has not taken action against any campaigns that failed to file required campaign finance reports.

Sam Mellins   ·   February 25, 2022
Hochul Leads Pack of Candidates Who Fail to Disclose Sources of Corporate Cash

A 2019 reform following corruption scandals was supposed to cap political donations and unveil the people behind companies giving cash. Records show it hasn’t.

Sam Mellins   ·   February 9, 2022
Rochester Looks to Renew 485-a Tax Break Before Critics Take Office

Two progressive organizers opposed to the 485-a program just won City Council races but won’t take their seats until next year. Mayor Lovely Warren has directed the Council to vote on the renewal this week.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   November 8, 2021
Renters Powered India Walton’s Upset Win

Renters broke decisively for India Walton in Buffalo’s June Democratic primary, favoring an affordable housing advocate with a tenant-centered housing platform over a developer-friendly incumbent.

Russell Weaver   ·   August 17, 2021
Cuomo Leaves, But a Corrupt Political Culture Remains in New York

The structure of state government, with its centralized power and few ethical checks, invites scandal after scandal.

Lee Harris   ·   August 11, 2021
Amid Intraparty Conflict, Brooklyn Democrats Issue Judgeship Recommendations

At a meeting that included an attempt by party leadership to prevent several district leaders from voting, the party made seven picks - six of whom were donors to the party and its leaders.

Sam Mellins and Rory Nevins   ·   August 5, 2021
Up and Down The Ballot, Progressives Score Wins in Western New York

In Buffalo, socialist India Walton scored a landmark win against a four-term incumbent mayor. In nearby Rochester, shakeups on the city council and county legislature could chart a new course for local politics.

Sam Mellins   ·   July 19, 2021
Democratic Party Boss Obstructed India Walton’s Underdog Candidacy, Walton Says

Jeremy Zellner uses his dual role as Erie County’s chief election administrator and Democratic Party chair to create obstacles for outsider candidates, critics charge.

Sam Mellins   ·   June 28, 2021
How Progressives Could Lose New York’s Mayor’s Race—But Win the City

“The whole city is up for grabs”: from office of the comptroller to the city council, progressives could pull off a wave of critical victories.

Akash Mehta and Sam Mellins   ·   June 21, 2021
How Manhattan DA Candidates Plan to Rein in Police Misconduct

“The police can only go as far as the DA lets them,” one defense attorney said.

Sam Mellins   ·   June 17, 2021
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