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A New York City subway on the left, and highway traffic on the right.
Flush With Biden’s Infrastructure Cash, New York Is Choosing Highways Over Public Transit

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law directed billions toward public transit in New York, but the state is choosing to spend billions more on highways.

Sam Mellins   ·   February 5, 2024
A photo of an electric charging station with an "EVolve NY" banner
The Thruway Has Brand New Rest Stops. Where Are the EV Chargers?

They’re on their way, officials promise. But they’re years late.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   July 26, 2023
How Hochul Plans to Build Hundreds of Thousands of Homes Near Train Stations

The governor’s proposal for “transit-oriented development” has so far gotten a mixed reception from suburban legislators, who killed a similar plan last year.

Sam Mellins   ·   February 2, 2023
Bomb Dogs, ‘Goon Squad,’ Subway Cops: Who’s Making a Killing in NYPD Overtime

Eric Adams pledged to cut police overtime in half. Instead, his initiatives helped it soar to the second-highest level on record.

Chris Gelardi   ·   November 16, 2022
Most of New York Gas Tax Holiday Savings Don’t Go to New Yorkers, Analysis Finds

Out of every dollar the gas tax suspension costs the state, less than 50 cents are going into New Yorkers’ pockets.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   October 26, 2022
New York Lawmakers Look to Boost E-Bikes After Federal Snub

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act turbocharges the market for electric cars at the expense of other forms of transit. A New York bill aims to help e-bikes catch up.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   August 30, 2022
Eric Adams Wants Weapons Detectors in the Subway. Would That Bring Safety or ‘Absolute Chaos’?

“Expect delays, expect secondary screening, expect frustration, and expect to miss your train from time to time.”

Chris Gelardi   ·   May 10, 2022
Meet The New York City Taxi Drivers Protesting Outside City Hall

Many drivers will face financial ruin if the city cannot help them refinance their debts. Below are eleven of their stories.

Daniel Efram   ·   October 8, 2021
Cab Drivers Are Drowning in Debt. The City’s Plan Won’t Help.

The city’s taxi agency has ignored drivers’ demands and proposed a plan that the comptroller warns ‘would spend more money to forgive less debt.’

Wen Zhuang   ·   September 23, 2021
The MTA’s $500 million nightly cleaning and shutdown isn’t worth it, experts say

Sanitizing the subways every night offers little protection against COVID, scientists say. MTA board members say they’ve raised questions - but received few answers.

Devin Wright   ·   November 20, 2020