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Loopholes Hobble Hochul’s Proposal on Conviction-Based Housing Discrimination, Critics Charge

Advocates organizing for similar laws say loopholes in Hochul’s proposal make it “virtually meaningless,” and are encouraging the governor to withdraw the measure.

Chris Gelardi   ·   March 22, 2022
Hochul’s Proposed 421-A Replacement Is In For a Fight, Key Lawmakers Signal

“By April 1, it will be out or modified. It will not be this program,” one legislator predicted.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   February 7, 2022
He Was Homeless, So the Judge Kept Him at Rikers

How a lack of stable housing, combined with bureaucratic hurdles in New York’s labyrinthine re-entry process, kept one man at Rikers during the height of its crisis.

Sam Mellins   ·   January 3, 2022
Foreclosure Looms for Homeowners Who Thought They’d Won, Thanks to Top New York Court Ruling

The Court of Appeals found in favor of banks that complained cases were dropped on technicalities. Now homeowners across the state are bracing for new attempts to take away their homes.

Sam Mellins   ·   November 29, 2021
As Utility Shutoff Freeze Nears End, New Yorkers in Debt Fear Shutoffs

Millions of New Yorkers are behind on their utility bills, and advocates say the state is doing a poor job distributing federal assistance.

Andrew Giambrone   ·   November 22, 2021
NYC Could Ban Gas in New Buildings This Year

The fight heated up at a hearing Wednesday, with debate centered on when, not if, a gas ban should go into effect.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   November 18, 2021
Rochester Looks to Renew 485-a Tax Break Before Critics Take Office

Two progressive organizers opposed to the 485-a program just won City Council races but won’t take their seats until next year. Mayor Lovely Warren has directed the Council to vote on the renewal this week.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   November 8, 2021
As Water Shutoff Moratorium Nears Expiration, Hochul Administration Isn’t Enforcing It — or Distributing Federal Water Aid

The moratorium expires in December. But New York hasn’t distributed a single dollar of the $70 million of federal water assistance.

Julia Rock   ·   October 26, 2021
Illegal Evictions Are Rising Across The State, But Landlords Rarely Face Consequences

There’s a growing trend of landlords changing locks and shutting off utilities to get tenants out without going to court, tenant organizers say.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   October 21, 2021
Tenants Suffer As City Sells Landlords’ Tax Debt to Speculators

Critics of New York City’s tax lien sales system say it encourages landlords to evict tenants and ignore building violations.

Peter Senzamici and Allison Dikanovic   ·   October 15, 2021
Hundreds of Thousands of Co-op Residents Shut Out of State’s Rent Relief Program

“Staff at OTDA seem to be ignoring the plain meaning of the law,” said Senate Housing Committee Chair Brian Kavanagh.

Andrew Giambrone   ·   September 30, 2021
Why Isn’t New York Offering Paper Applications for COVID Rent Relief?

The $115 million state contract for administering the program required a paper application. Without it, tenants who can’t access technology may be getting left behind.

Andrew Giambrone   ·   September 2, 2021
Renters Powered India Walton’s Upset Win

Renters broke decisively for India Walton in Buffalo’s June Democratic primary, favoring an affordable housing advocate with a tenant-centered housing platform over a developer-friendly incumbent.

Russell Weaver   ·   August 17, 2021
The Promises and Failures of the “Cancel Rent” Movement

Where does the housing justice movement go from here?

Cea Weaver   ·   July 30, 2021
Albany Passes ‘Good Cause Eviction,’ In a First for New York

Tenant groups are already turning to other upstate cities that could pass good cause this summer—and that could pave the way for statewide legislation.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   July 21, 2021
A Wave of Upstate Cities Could Ban Eviction Without “Good Cause”

Blocked at the state level, the campaign for “good cause eviction” is going local.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   July 16, 2021
The World’s Most Important Local Climate and Jobs Law is in Eric Adams’ Hands

Elected with real estate industry support, soon-to-be Mayor Adams faces a critical choice on New York’s landmark buildings emissions law.

Pete Sikora   ·   July 9, 2021
Abolish the EDC

The Economic Development Corporation manages city land in the service of private profit. We need a new approach.

Avi Garelick and Andrew Schustek   ·   June 28, 2021
What Shaun Donovan’s Record Reveals about His Approach to Housing Crises

Donovan has a progressive housing platform. But does it match his record?

Duncan Bryer   ·   June 15, 2021
Albany Just Blew it on Climate, Again

Only big, strong, mean grassroots campaigns can turn this around

Pete Sikora   ·   June 12, 2021
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