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Albany Passes ‘Good Cause Eviction,’ In a First for New York

Tenant groups are already turning to other upstate cities that could pass good cause this summer—and that could pave the way for statewide legislation.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   July 21, 2021
A Wave of Upstate Cities Could Ban Eviction Without “Good Cause”

Blocked at the state level, the campaign for “good cause eviction” is going local.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   July 16, 2021
The World’s Most Important Local Climate and Jobs Law is in Eric Adams’ Hands

Elected with real estate industry support, soon-to-be Mayor Adams faces a critical choice on New York’s landmark buildings emissions law.

Pete Sikora   ·   July 9, 2021
Abolish the EDC

The Economic Development Corporation manages city land in the service of private profit. We need a new approach.

Avi Garelick and Andrew Schustek   ·   June 28, 2021
What Shaun Donovan’s Record Reveals about His Approach to Housing Crises

Donovan has a progressive housing platform. But does it match his record?

Duncan Bryer   ·   June 15, 2021
Albany Just Blew it on Climate, Again

Only big, strong, mean grassroots campaigns can turn this around

Pete Sikora   ·   June 12, 2021
How a Tenant Revolt Sank NYCHA’s Biggest Overhaul Plan in Years

With a week left in the legislative session, New York lawmakers shelved a plan that aimed to revamp 25,000 NYCHA apartments.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   June 4, 2021
What Made It Into the Budget — And What Was Left Out

The major provisions of New York’s 2021 budget.

Akash Mehta, Sam Mellins and Lee Harris   ·   April 7, 2021
Homelessness Priorities Won’t Make the State Budget, Lawmakers and Advocates Say

“A year from now, this money will still be in the hands of Governor Cuomo, unused - and that’s exactly what he wants.”

Akash Mehta   ·   April 3, 2021
Will New York’s Rent Relief Program Address The Problems that Hobbled The Last One?

Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing to impose stringent requirements, according to lawmakers and tenant advocates, that could delay and decrease aid.

Akash Mehta   ·   April 2, 2021
Will Rental Vouchers to Prevent Homelessness Make the State Budget?

The legislature is pushing for a statewide rental assistance program that advocates say would be one the largest efforts to combat homelessness in recent memory.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   March 29, 2021
Records Reveal New York’s Growing Mountain of Water Debt

Advocates are pushing the legislature to extend and strengthen a moratorium on water shutoffs set to expire at the end of the month.

Julia Rock   ·   March 17, 2021
“It’s a life or death situation out here”: a brutal winter for unsheltered New Yorkers

“We sleep together like chickens”: Street homeless New Yorkers describe the struggle to endure the pandemic-era winter.

Ari Dubow   ·   February 8, 2021
Tenants Can’t Pay Rent. Landlords Won’t Pay Bills. What Happens Next?

New York’s looming foreclosure crisis could lead to massive corporate windfalls - or to large-scale social housing conversions. The choice is ours.

Samuel Stein   ·   December 23, 2020
New York Must Stop All Evictions. It’s a Matter of Life and Death.

New York must immediately reinstate a complete eviction moratorium, incoming DSA legislators argue, because you can’t stay at home if you’re forced out of it.

Jabari Brisport and Marcela Mitaynes   ·   December 19, 2020
Assembly Speaker Heastie May be Holding Up Blanket Eviction Moratorium, Despite Senate Consensus

Sources both inside and outside the legislature say Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is pushing back against the Senate Democrats’ proposal for a blanket moratorium.

Morley Musick   ·   December 17, 2020
Inside Upstate New York’s Lead Poisoning Crisis

Many upstate cities don’t test old houses for lead poisoning until after children have already tested positive. A new bill would change that.

Morley Musick   ·   December 11, 2020
Recently Jailed New Yorkers Struggle When Dumped on Street With No ID

Leaving Rikers Island, many former detainees can’t rent apartments or get jobs - because the city lost their ID.

Morley Musick   ·   October 20, 2020
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