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Striking Workers Say Brooklyn Oil Terminal Is ‘Playing Russian Roulette’ with Safety

Striking employees of United Metro Energy say management replaced them with workers who weren’t certified to operate the Brooklyn oil terminal, increasing the risk of an oil spill.

Inci Sayki   ·   March 28, 2022
Retired NYC Workers Celebrate Medicare Switch Court Win

The court ruled retirees who opt-out of the switch to Medicare Advantage plans can keep their current insurance free of charge. The Adams administration is appealing the ruling.

Sam Mellins   ·   March 3, 2022
Rural Counties See Dramatic Declines in Family Lawyers, Costing Poor Parents their Kids

In six of eight rural counties, panels of children’s attorneys have lost more than half their lawyers over the past decade.

Tracy Tullis   ·   February 28, 2022
Hochul Proposes Bringing Back Private Prison Labor

Banned for a century, contract labor could return to New York’s prisons.

Lauren Gill   ·   February 23, 2022
Why Isn’t New York Enforcing Its Nurse Staffing Law?

The state health department has delayed implementing a landmark staffing law, as nurses say they’re overwhelmed and hospitals point to a workforce shortage.

Maxwell Parrott   ·   February 15, 2022
The construction industry is booming. Are workers seeing the benefits?

The city’s Department of Housing Preservation & Development continues to work with construction companies that have been found liable for wage theft.

Molly Boigon   ·   January 31, 2022
Hochul’s Chapter Amendments Could Undermine New Birth Center Law

A rift grew among birth advocates as progressive legislators asked them to compromise with the governor – or risk a veto.

Lee Harris   ·   January 20, 2022
Hochul at Divide with Lawmakers on Child Care, Once A Top Priority

Child care used to be Hochul’s marquee issue. Now, she’s proposing a modest expansion—but only if Congress doesn’t act.

Sam Mellins   ·   January 12, 2022
Ron Kim Targets a Progressive Heavyweight in Allegations of Wage Theft

Kim accuses the Chinese-American Planning Council of rampant wage theft—and, in coordination with 1199SEIU, of blocking workers’ access to the courts.

Daniel Moritz-Rabson   ·   January 4, 2022
After Initial Setback, Amazon Workers on Staten Island Refile for Union Election

This time, workers are trying to unionize just one warehouse, where they say they’ve gotten a majority of workers to sign union authorization cards.

Amir Khafagy   ·   December 22, 2021
Columbia Student Worker Strike Could Become Testing Ground for Biden-Era NLRB

An NLRB ruling on a grievance made by striking Columbia student workers could suggest the board’s approach to a major question about the legal status of student workers.

Maxwell Parrott   ·   December 20, 2021
Judge Orders City to Delay Retiree Health Care Switch Until April 1

Retired city employees will be able to opt out of their newly-privatized health insurance until June 30, the judge ruled

Sam Mellins   ·   December 14, 2021
New York City Mailed Misinformation on New Health Insurance to Retired City Employees — and Won’t Send Out a Correction

Guides sent to a quarter million retired city employees contained false information on the availability of dozens of treatments under the new plan.

Sam Mellins   ·   December 9, 2021
Westchester Hospital Network To Shift Thousands of Retirees to Private Health Insurance

Three days before the deadline to opt out of a new health insurance plan, Westchester retirees still don’t know what’s in it.

Sam Mellins   ·   December 3, 2021
A Homeless Amazon Worker Tried to Organize a Union. Then Amazon Fired Him.

Daequan Smith loved working at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island. After he started organizing with the Amazon Labor Union, he found himself out of a job.

Amir Khafagy   ·   November 23, 2021
Retired City Workers Voice Opposition to New City Health Plan in Chaotic Public Hearing

More than 50 retirees said they opposed the plan. Zero said they supported it.

Sam Mellins   ·   November 11, 2021
Buffalo Nurses’ Successful Strike Highlights Union Divide and Doubts over New Staffing Law

The union’s focus on direct action reflects skepticism that an incoming staffing law will significantly increase staffing ratios.

Maxwell Parrott   ·   November 9, 2021
Court Blocks Controversial Medicare Switch for Retired NYC Workers

A judge’s decision delays the Oct. 31 deadline for former city employees to decide whether they want to move to private Medicare Advantage or pay for alternatives.

Sam Mellins   ·   October 22, 2021
Retirees Flee City Medicare Program as Deadline Looms for Move to Private Health Plan

Uncertainty about coverage and costs under Medicare Advantage has a quarter million former city workers on edge. Two lawsuits seeking to block the move are slated to be heard in court Wednesday.

Sam Mellins   ·   October 20, 2021
New York’s Excluded Workers Fund is Running Out of Cash

Tens of thousands of undocumented workers could be left out. Advocates are pushing to add more funds.

Sam Mellins   ·   October 6, 2021
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