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Top state lawmakers oppose Cuomo’s push to override NYC’s landmark climate law
A new analysis finds that the governor’s proposal would “completely undermine” New York City’s climate law, setting the stage for a clash with the newly emboldened legislature.
Colin Kinniburgh   ·   February 18, 2021
Cuomo’s Tax Hike Friendlier to the Rich Than Advertised, Budget Experts and Legislators Say
“The governor’s twisting himself in knots to not offend rich people,” the number two Democrat in the state Senate said.
Akash Mehta   ·   January 21, 2021
Progressives Slam State Senate Finance Secretary Pick
Democratic leadership appointed David Friedfel, the top state policy analyst at the Citizens Budget Commission, to a key staff position in budget negotiations.
Lee Harris and Akash Mehta   ·   January 12, 2021
Senate Proposes $4 Billion December Revenue Package, but Assembly Won’t Go That High, Sources Say
The Senate has proposed raising $4 billion in revenue before the end of the year, but the Assembly is unwilling go much higher than $2 billion, sources say.
Akash Mehta   ·   December 17, 2020
“We’re in a Tsunami”: Legislators Urge State Spending on Food Assistance
As food pantries struggle to meet surging demand with declining funds, legislators and providers say the state must offer more assistance.
Ari Dubow   ·   December 4, 2020
A Million Unemployed New Yorkers are About to Fall Off a Fiscal Cliff
Federal unemployment benefits expire at the end of the month. With no relief in sight from Washington or Albany, many New Yorkers are desperate.
Daniel Moritz-Rabson   ·   December 3, 2020
Republicans Routed from Legislature, but Keep One Last Stronghold: Governor Cuomo’s Office
“Are you going to hire every single able-bodied Republican political operative?” Cuomo’s senior staff filled with top Republicans, to Democrats’ frustration
Akash Mehta   ·   November 25, 2020
New York Taxes Shoes and Soda. Why Not Stocks?
A stock transfer tax could bring in billions in new revenue. Wall Street threatens to pick up and leave—but tax experts say it’s probably bluffing.
Lee Harris   ·   October 13, 2020
Why has Scott Stringer Invested City Pensions in Private Equity Firms like Blackstone?
City pension fund investments in private equity real estate haven’t just subsidized rent hikes and evictions. They’ve also cost the city at least $370 million.
Matthew Cunningham-Cook   ·   October 12, 2020
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