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Medicare Standoff Threatens Cuts to Current City Workers’ Benefits
The cancellation of a proposed cost-saving health plan after retired city workers sued could drain a special fund City Hall and unions use to pay employee benefits.
Sam Mellins   ·   August 10, 2022
Amazon Likely To Win Nine-Figure Tax Break To Build Western New York Warehouse
The deal has been two years in the making, but it’s been a secret for most of that time.
Julia Rock   ·   August 9, 2022
Hochul Stores Billions in Slush Funds, Continuing Cuomo-Era Budgeting Practices
The comptroller sounded the alarm that the budget includes $18 billion in “unnecessarily opaque” spending, most of it under Hochul’s control.
Sam Mellins   ·   June 2, 2022
Zoning Laws Are Blocking the Conversion of Hotels into Affordable Housing
The state’s grand plan to convert unused hotels into affordable housing hasn’t gotten off the ground. Lawmakers just boosted funding — but developers and housing advocates say that won’t help without lifting onerous zoning restrictions.
Sam Mellins   ·   April 19, 2022
What’s In New York’s $220 Billion State Budget?
A comprehensive tracker of the issues at stake in New York’s budget.
Sam Mellins   ·   April 11, 2022
How New York State Just Rolled Back Criminal Justice Reforms
The final budget made changes to bail law, discovery law, pre-arraignment detention, involuntary commitment and more.
Chris Gelardi   ·   April 9, 2022
Hochul Opposes Rental Voucher Program On Basis of Inflated Cost Estimate, Sources Say
The legislature wants to spend $250 million to combat homelessness. Hochul says it’ll actually cost $6 billion.
Sam Mellins   ·   April 6, 2022
Hochul, Plastics Industry and Green Groups Battle Over Recycling Proposal
Rather than try to improve Hochul’s proposal, some environmentalists want to scrap it and instead concentrate on a forthcoming bill from Assemblymember Steve Englebright.
Tracy Tullis   ·   April 4, 2022
Read the Senate’s Draft Compromise on Bail Reform
New York Focus obtained and analyzed a proposal presented by Senate leadership to the chamber’s Democratic caucus.
Chris Gelardi, Sam Mellins and Akash Mehta   ·   March 30, 2022
Will New York Tackle its Largest Source of Emissions?
Experts say the state needs to spend at least $1 billion a year to cut pollution from buildings. Legislators are trying to get the governor closer to that figure.
Colin Kinniburgh   ·   March 30, 2022
Kathy Hochul Is Ready to Spend Millions on New Police Surveillance
New York state legislators have just days to question phone hacking, forensics, and fusion centers before the budget passes.
Chris Gelardi   ·   March 29, 2022
As Albany Debates Health Coverage for Undocumented New Yorkers, Lawmakers Say Hochul is Inflating Costs
The governor’s projected price tag is five times higher than estimates by the legislature and outside researchers—but she hasn’t said how she arrived at her figure.
Sam Mellins   ·   March 29, 2022
Hochul Wants to Save for a Rainy Day. Lawmakers Say It’s Already Pouring.
Budget negotiations center on one crucial question: should New York save or spend?
Sam Mellins   ·   March 24, 2022
Loopholes Hobble Hochul’s Proposal on Conviction-Based Housing Discrimination, Critics Charge
Advocates organizing for similar laws say loopholes in Hochul’s proposal make it “virtually meaningless,” and are encouraging the governor to withdraw the measure.
Chris Gelardi   ·   March 22, 2022
Here’s What You Need to Know About the 2022 State Budget
How the three budget proposals from the governor, Assembly and Senate stack up.
Sam Mellins   ·   March 21, 2022
Legislature Likely to Propose Health Coverage But Not Cash Relief for Undocumented New Yorkers, Sources Say
Both chambers are set to release budget proposals that will represent a mixed bag for New York’s undocumented population.
Sam Mellins   ·   March 11, 2022
Retired NYC Workers Celebrate Medicare Switch Court Win
The court ruled retirees who opt-out of the switch to Medicare Advantage plans can keep their current insurance free of charge. The Adams administration is appealing the ruling.
Sam Mellins   ·   March 3, 2022
Hochul’s Proposed 421-A Replacement Is In For a Fight, Key Lawmakers Signal
“By April 1, it will be out or modified. It will not be this program,” one legislator predicted.
Colin Kinniburgh   ·   February 7, 2022
On Medicaid, Hochul’s Budget Departs from Cuomo Era
Hochul proposed raising the cap on Medicaid spending, which Cuomo created, and boosting reimbursement rates, which Cuomo cut.
Sam Mellins   ·   January 21, 2022
Hochul’s Budget Charts a Middle Path on Climate
The $216 billion budget would ban gas in new construction, but otherwise offers few dramatic moves on climate.
Sam Mellins and Lissa Harris   ·   January 20, 2022
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