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‘Heatflation’ Hits the Farmers Market

This summer’s heat and drought have driven New York farmers’ input costs up and their yields down, straining their finances and further pushing up food prices.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   September 6, 2022
New York Lawmakers Look to Boost E-Bikes After Federal Snub

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act turbocharges the market for electric cars at the expense of other forms of transit. A New York bill aims to help e-bikes catch up.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   August 30, 2022
Is Eric Adams About to Gut the Nation’s Most Important Local Climate Law?

Enormous pollution cuts and tens of thousands of jobs depend on how Adams implements New York City’s landmark climate law in the coming months.

Pete Sikora   ·   July 26, 2022
Weeks Before Heat Wave, New York’s Program to Help Poor People Stay Cool Ran Out of Money

Heat kills hundreds of New Yorkers every summer - but health experts say a “cold weather bias” keeps policymakers from prioritizing the issue.

Maria Parazo Rose   ·   July 25, 2022
The Fossil Fuel Investments Driving Up ConEd Energy Bills

ConEd wants to jack up electric bills by 10 percent, and gas by 15 percent. Here’s what that would pay for.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   July 6, 2022
Will Eric Adams Let Landlords Buy Their Way Out Of Energy Upgrades?

Recent transmission projects could enable building owners to get out of upgrading their buildings for a decade, if Adams doesn’t intervene.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   June 27, 2022
The Failure to Ban Gas in New Construction is a Bad Sign for New York’s Climate Law

The state’s own expert council, tasked with planning the law’s implementation, told the legislature to pass a gas ban this year. They were ignored.

Pete Sikora   ·   June 21, 2022
Electrical Workers Union Fights to Expand Fossil Fuel-Powered Crypto Mining in New York

The IBEW opposes a bill awaiting signature by Gov. Kathy Hochul that would put a moratorium on new fossil fuel power plants for the crypto industry.

Paige Oamek   ·   June 14, 2022
Big Oil Wants New York’s Cow Manure

Biogas credits are incentivizing the expansion of factory farming in New York—and might end up increasing carbon emissions.

Tracy Tullis   ·   May 25, 2022
Environmental Hazard or Economic Boon? Legislators Spar on Bitcoin Mining in New York

Legislators opposed to a bill enacting a temporary moratorium on proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining are warning that it could harm New Yorkers often excluded from traditional financial markets, sources say.

Sam Mellins   ·   April 27, 2022
Hochul, Plastics Industry and Green Groups Battle Over Recycling Proposal

Rather than try to improve Hochul’s proposal, some environmentalists want to scrap it and instead concentrate on a forthcoming bill from Assemblymember Steve Englebright.

Tracy Tullis   ·   April 4, 2022
Bitcoin Mining Gets Three Month Reprieve From Hochul’s Regulators

Green groups charged that Kathy Hochul is punting the issue until after the primary.

Peter Mantius   ·   April 1, 2022
Will New York Tackle its Largest Source of Emissions?

Experts say the state needs to spend at least $1 billion a year to cut pollution from buildings. Legislators are trying to get the governor closer to that figure.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   March 30, 2022
Striking Workers Say Brooklyn Oil Terminal Is ‘Playing Russian Roulette’ with Safety

Striking employees of United Metro Energy say management replaced them with workers who weren’t certified to operate the Brooklyn oil terminal, increasing the risk of an oil spill.

Inci Sayki   ·   March 28, 2022
Power Industry Quietly Pushes New York to Endorse Non-Renewable Energy

The power industry is pushing a pair of little-noticed proposals that could shift the course of the state’s climate action.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   March 15, 2022
Soaring ConEd Bills Add Fuel to Push for Public Power

ConEd customers have seen their electricity bills double or even triple over the past month, and the company just reported over a billion dollars in annual income. Activists say a publicly-owned utility would deliver more affordable power.

Andy Hirschfeld   ·   February 17, 2022
New York’s Landmark Water Testing Law Hinges on State Health Department

The law leaves key decisions to an agency with a history of dragging its feet on implementing water quality legislation.

Peter Mantius   ·   January 27, 2022
Hochul’s Budget Charts a Middle Path on Climate

The $216 billion budget would ban gas in new construction, but otherwise offers few dramatic moves on climate.

Sam Mellins and Lissa Harris   ·   January 20, 2022
Smokestacks Loom Over New York’s Clean Energy Plan

New York is building renewables - but it doesn’t have a plan to shut down the plants they’re supposed to replace.

Colin Kinniburgh   ·   January 18, 2022
State Lawmakers Push to Scale Back Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The state spends $1.6 billion a year subsidizing oil and gas. Lawmakers are trying to eliminate about one-fifth of that spending.

Sam Mellins   ·   December 23, 2021
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