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Nobody knows it, but Bill de Blasio is America’s best climate mayor
And that’s still vastly short of what’s needed.
Pete Sikora   ·   August 31, 2021
New York Dairy Farms Skirt Clean Water Act Requirements
Farms in New York have used a form of legal arbitrage to shield their manure management practices from scrutiny.
Lee Harris   ·   August 11, 2021
Schumer Joins Fight Against Astoria Power Plant Proposal
DSA organized against a fracked-gas plant in Astoria. Now Schumer is getting involved.
Lee Harris   ·   July 12, 2021
The World’s Most Important Local Climate and Jobs Law is in Eric Adams’ Hands
Elected with real estate industry support, soon-to-be Mayor Adams faces a critical choice on New York’s landmark buildings emissions law.
Pete Sikora   ·   July 9, 2021
The Council Implementing New York’s Climate Law Is Stacked With Industry Executives
A top energy executive, whose firm is designing pro-gas talking points, has a seat at the table charting the state’s path to decarbonization.
Lee Harris   ·   July 6, 2021
Albany Just Blew it on Climate, Again
Only big, strong, mean grassroots campaigns can turn this around
Pete Sikora   ·   June 12, 2021
Anticipating Pushback From Finance, Enviros Move to Regulate Energy-Intensive Crypto Mining
Founded by a major Cuomo donor, Renaissance Technologies is set to become a stakeholder in upstate mining operation that touched off backlash against Bitcoin.
Peter Mantius   ·   June 1, 2021
Inside the chemical lobby’s unusual campaign to protect the fire retardant business
Chemical industry lobbyists are aggressively fighting a bill that would ban the use of toxic flame retardants—including by placing stories in local news outlets with quotes from a tenant organizer who says she didn’t speak to them.
Lee Harris   ·   May 22, 2021
Could Public Ownership Save the New York Power System?
New York’s profit-driven power system leads to higher costs, more blackouts, and more fossil fuels, activists say.
Ilana Cohen   ·   May 7, 2021
Two years after passing a landmark climate law, New York has no plan to fund it
Governor Cuomo just approved the largest budget in New York history — and it has virtually no new funding to help meet the goals in New York’s landmark climate law.
Lee Harris   ·   April 30, 2021
Gas plant in Newburgh tests limits of NY’s landmark climate law
Can New York meet its emissions goals if it green-lights more fossil fuel infrastructure? A proposal to rebuild a fracked-gas plant will set the precedent.
Lee Harris   ·   April 22, 2021
A New Threat to New York’s Clean Energy Goals: Bitcoin Mining
A Finger Lakes power plant plans to ramp up energy-intensive Bitcoin mining. If the state allows it to proceed, environmentalists warn dozens of fossil-fueled plants could follow.
Peter Mantius   ·   April 13, 2021
What Made It Into The Budget - And What Was Left Out
The major provisions of New York’s 2021 budget.
Akash Mehta, Sam Mellins and Lee Harris   ·   April 7, 2021
New York’s biggest climate problem—and opportunity
Buildings may be New York’s top source of emissions. The state should follow the city’s lead in cleaning them up.
Pete Sikora   ·   March 27, 2021
Records Reveal New York’s Growing Mountain of Water Debt
Advocates are pushing the legislature to extend and strengthen a moratorium on water shutoffs set to expire at the end of the month.
Julia Rock   ·   March 17, 2021
“Mired in Incrementalism”: Climate Action Council Proceedings Alarm Climate Advocates
Under New York’s climate law, the Climate Action Council is tasked with devising a plan to zero out emissions. Environmentalists on the Council say it’s not on track.
Morley Musick   ·   March 4, 2021
Top state lawmakers oppose Cuomo’s push to override NYC’s landmark climate law
A new analysis finds that the governor’s proposal would “completely undermine” New York City’s climate law, setting the stage for a clash with the newly emboldened legislature.
Colin Kinniburgh   ·   February 18, 2021
NYC Plans to Import Canadian Hydropower. Who Benefits?
A planned transmission line from Canada is meant to reduce NYC’s fossil fuel dependence. But First Nations say the project ignores them.
Geoff Dembicki   ·   January 15, 2021
The Next Mayor Must Launch a Green New Deal for NYC
Here are the policies candidates for Mayor and Council must commit to enacting if they’re serious about a Green New Deal for New York City.
Pete Sikora   ·   January 8, 2021
Inside Upstate New York’s Lead Poisoning Crisis
Many upstate cities don’t test old houses for lead poisoning until after children have already tested positive. A new bill would change that.
Morley Musick   ·   December 11, 2020
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