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New York Prisons Set to Ban Most Packages from Family and Friends
At the urging of the correction officers union, the prison agency is restricting packages to private vendors that charge steep markups and have limited selections.
Emily Brown and Rebecca McCray   ·   May 12, 2022
Eric Adams Wants Weapons Detectors in the Subway. Would That Bring Safety or “Absolute Chaos”?
“Expect delays, expect secondary screening, expect frustration and expect to miss your train from time to time.”
Chris Gelardi   ·   May 10, 2022
Perspective: It’s Time to Take a Clearer Look at Bail Reform
In the raucous debate over bail reform, simple facts have fallen out of sight.
Bryce Covert   ·   May 9, 2022
Retired Judges and Advocates: Don’t Let Cops Interrogate Kids Without a Lawyer
A bill in the state legislature would prohibit police from interrogating minors before they consulted with a lawyer.
Chris Gelardi   ·   May 6, 2022
Prison Officials Block Most Requests from Terminally Ill New Yorkers for Medical Release
Officials routinely refuse to send requests for medical release to the state parole board, frustrating advocates and raising questions about the murky criteria for medical release.
Victoria Law   ·   April 14, 2022
How New York State Just Rolled Back Criminal Justice Reforms
The final budget made changes to bail law, discovery law, pre-arraignment detention, involuntary commitment and more.
Chris Gelardi   ·   April 9, 2022
Read the Senate’s Draft Compromise on Bail Reform
New York Focus obtained and analyzed a proposal presented by Senate leadership to the chamber’s Democratic caucus.
Chris Gelardi, Sam Mellins and Akash Mehta   ·   March 30, 2022
Kathy Hochul Is Ready to Spend Millions on New Police Surveillance
New York state legislators have just days to question phone hacking, forensics, and fusion centers before the budget passes.
Chris Gelardi   ·   March 29, 2022
Loopholes Hobble Hochul’s Proposal on Conviction-Based Housing Discrimination, Critics Charge
Advocates organizing for similar laws say loopholes in Hochul’s proposal make it “virtually meaningless,” and are encouraging the governor to withdraw the measure.
Chris Gelardi   ·   March 22, 2022
Delayed Treatment and Denied Services: Health Care In New York Prisons Is A “Joke”
Cuomo vetoed a bill to expand oversight of the prison medical system. Will Hochul take a different tack?
Victoria Law   ·   March 17, 2022
Parole Reform Squabble Has Left Hundreds Sitting in New York Jails
New York’s prison agency is interpreting key provisions of a landmark parole reform law to keep more people locked up. A lead sponsor of the legislation calls it “appalling.”
Chris Gelardi   ·   March 10, 2022
Senate Holds First-Ever Hearing On Rape in Prison and Jails
Incarcerated survivors face a broken system for reporting abuse, frequent retaliation, and little accountability for staff perpetrators.
Victoria Law   ·   March 9, 2022
Eric Adams Is Bringing Back the NYPD’s Anti-Crime Unit. Do They Commit More Crimes Than They Solve?
“I don’t want the ‘jump-out boys’ back out on the street,” said retired NYPD commander Corey Pegues, who disagrees with the mayor’s plan to bring back the controversial NYPD units.
Tana Ganeva   ·   March 3, 2022
Two Years Into Pandemic, Basic Critiques of Prison Covid Policies Remain Unaddressed
The prison agency has done little to update policies on transparency, masks, social distancing, or vaccination.
Lyra Walsh Fuchs   ·   March 1, 2022
Rural Counties See Dramatic Declines in Family Lawyers, Costing Poor Parents their Kids
In six of eight rural counties, panels of children’s attorneys have lost more than half their lawyers over the past decade.
Tracy Tullis   ·   February 28, 2022
Perspective: Joe Biden, Eric Adams and the Myth of Policing Our Way to Safety
In 2016, the NYPD and federal prosecutors staged a massive “gang bust” that derailed the lives of dozens of young people — including me — while failing to improve public safety. Why is Eric Adams doubling down on this failed strategy?
Kraig Lewis   ·   February 28, 2022
Is There Anything New in Eric Adams’s Gun Violence Plan?
Many have described the New York City mayor’s “blueprint” to address gun crime as occupying a novel middle ground. But it mostly copies the policies of his predecessor and relies heavily on tough-on-crime tactics.
Chris Gelardi   ·   February 24, 2022
Hochul Proposes Bringing Back Private Prison Labor
Banned for a century, contract labor could return to New York’s prisons.
Lauren Gill   ·   February 23, 2022
Despite Ethics Rules, Top Prosecutor Against Bail Reform Has Close Ties to GOP
Orange County DA David Hoovler has repeatedly spoken at Republican Party political events — in apparent violation of the ethics rules of the prosecutors’ association he led.
Rory Fleming   ·   February 18, 2022
Crucial Evidence Goes Stale As Desk Appearance Tickets Are Issued For More Serious Crimes, Leaving Defendants In Purgatory
Defendants given desk appearance tickets may not be assigned a public defender until 20 days after their arrest. That means crucial evidence in cases involving possible jail time could go missing.
Max Rivlin-Nadler   ·   February 14, 2022
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