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Lawmakers, Judge Seek Evidence Behind Prison Package Ban

The prison agency has stonewalled lawmakers’ requests for information justifying the policy.

Rebecca McCray   ·   September 8, 2022
A Prison Used Solitary Confinement to Force a Trans Man to Undergo a Genital Exam, Lawsuit Alleges

Prison officials had already seen his genitals three times. But the superintendent ordered a more invasive exam, the lawsuit alleges. (Note: detailed descriptions.)

Chris Gelardi   ·   August 31, 2022
Did New York’s Chief Judge Break the Law to Pick Her Interim Successor?

Janet DiFiore may have gotten a say in picking her interim successor, boosting a judge who has never once voted against her.

Sam Mellins   ·   August 29, 2022
Did New York’s Chief Judge Break the Law to Pick Her Interim Successor?

Janet DiFiore may have gotten a say in picking her interim successor, boosting a judge who has never once voted against her.

Sam Mellins   ·   August 29, 2022
Distrust, Power Wrangling, and the Battle Over Rochester’s Next Public Defender

The Monroe County legislature’s president, Sabrina LaMar, has denigrated public defenders and shut them out of the now-eight-month-long process to appoint the next head of their office.

Chris Gelardi   ·   August 23, 2022
Judge Strikes Down New York Jail’s Prolonged COVID Visitation Ban

The ban had helped the local sheriff rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit from detainee video and phone call fees.

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg   ·   August 18, 2022
An Opening for Defendants’ Rights on New York’s Highest Court

The court’s last term included a slew of cases rolling back defendants’ rights. Progressives hope to reset that trajectory.

Chris Gelardi   ·   July 14, 2022
Eric Adams Wants to ‘Drill Into’ Complaints Against NYPD Gun Unit Trainees. So We Did.

Officers trained for the NYPD’s new Neighborhood Safety Teams average nearly double the number of substantiated civilian complaints than the NYPD as a whole.

Chris Gelardi   ·   July 11, 2022
A New Conservative Majority on New York’s Top Court is Upending State Law

A new four-judge bloc has consistently voted together in its most recent term, impacting criminal defendants, workers and people suing police.

Sam Mellins   ·   July 7, 2022
We’re About to Know a Lot More About NYPD Misconduct

Two years after the repeal of a state law that kept police performance records secret, documents narrating alleged NYPD abuse are starting to become public. But it could still be years until they’re all released.

Chris Gelardi   ·   June 30, 2022
Jail Visitation Ban Drives Big Profits for Sheriff on Phone Calls

More than two years into the pandemic, the Broome County Sheriff’s Office is still prohibiting all jail visits. That helped rake in more than half a million dollars last year.

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg   ·   June 14, 2022
NYPD “Business Improvement” Officers Dismantled a Homeless Encampment During a Memorial for a Dead Resident

As part of an initiative by Mayor Eric Adams, the city has swept the encampment where Jose Hernandez would often sleep nearly 10 times this year.

Chris Gelardi   ·   June 14, 2022
The State Police Sent You a Friend Request

Twice this year, Kathy Hochul has ordered a State Police-run fusion center to beef up its social media monitoring. Documents show that analysts create fake accounts to do that work.

Chris Gelardi   ·   June 13, 2022
Exclusive: Here Are the New NYPD Gun Units’ Trainees. Many Have Histories of Excessive Force Complaints.

Adams promised they’d be different. But a roster compiled by New York Focus shows that officers who trained for the new teams allegedly beat, harassed, and illegally arrested people while previously working on plainclothes teams.

Chris Gelardi   ·   May 23, 2022
New York Prisons Set to Ban Most Packages from Family and Friends

At the urging of the correction officers union, the prison agency is restricting packages to private vendors that charge steep markups and have limited selections.

Emily Brown and Rebecca McCray   ·   May 12, 2022
Eric Adams Wants Weapons Detectors in the Subway. Would That Bring Safety or ‘Absolute Chaos’?

“Expect delays, expect secondary screening, expect frustration, and expect to miss your train from time to time.”

Chris Gelardi   ·   May 10, 2022
Perspective: It’s Time to Take a Clearer Look at Bail Reform

In the raucous debate over bail reform, simple facts have fallen out of sight.

Bryce Covert   ·   May 9, 2022
Retired Judges and Advocates: Don’t Let Cops Interrogate Kids Without a Lawyer

A bill in the state legislature would prohibit police from interrogating minors before they consulted with a lawyer.

Chris Gelardi   ·   May 6, 2022
Prison Officials Block Most Requests from Terminally Ill New Yorkers for Medical Release

Officials routinely refuse to send requests for medical release to the state parole board, frustrating advocates and raising questions about the murky criteria for medical release.

Victoria Law   ·   April 14, 2022
How New York State Just Rolled Back Criminal Justice Reforms

The final budget made changes to bail law, discovery law, pre-arraignment detention, involuntary commitment and more.

Chris Gelardi   ·   April 9, 2022
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