The mayor is putting New York City’s landmark climate and jobs law in jeopardy, our columnist argues.

A group of Manhattan Democrats wants to force County Leader Keith Wright to choose between working for the party and working for a lobbying firm.

A major wind and solar developer is defecting from industry ranks, arguing the state shouldn’t bail out struggling projects.

In California, getting labor on board was essential to addressing the housing crisis. In New York, unions say the governor has barely tried.

How a Hamptons mine, in defiance of New York’s top court, keeps trucking out precious piles of sand.

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Climate and Environment
An upwards-pointing arrow made of a hundred-dollar bill, against a background of an energy bill.

New York’s labyrinthine “rate case” process, explained.

They’re on their way, officials promise. But they’re years late.

Colin Kinniburgh

Prescribed burns are banned in New York’s largest tracts of forest, but some rangers say they need to torch the brush to save the trees.

Nathan Porceng
Criminal Justice
A picture of Emily Gallagher in floor debate

The state Division of Human Rights considers prisons, jails, and police departments exempt from human rights law.

Mixed evidence was piling up about a signature New York drug policy experiment. Then the state stopped releasing the data.

Spencer Norris

Albany empowered its community oversight board. But the police department and the city’s top attorney are stonewalling.

Chris Gelardi and Naina Purushothaman
New York State
Governor Hochul speaking in front of Brooklyn Democratic Party digital screen

New York’s top elected officials showered the Brooklyn party with praise, but is it doing anything to support its candidates?

The health department has blown past deadlines to implement legislation encouraging lifesaving transplants — along with at least five other laws.

Sam Mellins and Ellie Gonzales

At a heated town meeting, a resident warned “pedophiles or criminals” would move into new housing.

Sam Mellins